Six modules to guide you through nutrition, sleeping habits, mindset and exercise routine according to your pattern.
Chinese medicine interwoven with scientific research findings.
Equip yourself with a greater understanding of how daily habits can easily contribute to your IVF outcomes.
In these six modules, we carefully explain how your daily habits can have influence your IVF outcomes. 

For thousands of years, Chinese medicine has been used to support women's health and fertility. Today, acupuncture is regularly used in IVF clinics, for its contribution to IVF success. 

Learn how everything from how you start your day to your bed time routine can be enhanced to assist your fertility goals. 

This incredible course features six videos, accompanying hand outs to ensure we cover every important aspect of your health, your wellbeing and offer you optimal support. 

If you are seeking more knowledge in how you can contribute towards your IVF outcomes, this is the course for you. 
Dr. Hannah Watson, BHSc TCM
Hannah Watson is the director and founder of Acupuncture Wellness Co. 

She has dedicated her career to women's health, offering acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine to support women trying to achieve greater health, and trying to conceive. 

Hannah incorporates western scientific research into her treatments and thrives on educating her clients how the treatment benefits their health, and what their bodies are communicating. She places a strong emphasis on the power the emotions play in health, which is reflected in Chinese Medicine. 

Hannah continues her Master's of Women's Health as well as practicing from her thriving clinic in Geelong. Hannah's passion for health and wellness is transparent. 
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Time Is Of The Essence...
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This six module course showcases just how impactful simple modifications to your daily routine can truely be. 

Utilising scientific research, we gain insight into what is really important to focus on and what has been found to influence IVF outcomes. We then dive into the principals of Chinese medicine, so that you are equipped with both a holistic and scientific perspective.

 You are then shown how our daily rituals, from our morning routine to exercise regimen can be tailored to offer optimal support during IVF. 

Did you know that sleep has been found to impact egg quality?

Do you know how you can improve arterial blood flow and aid endometrial lining at home?

If not, this is the course that you need!
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