This is the knowledge and the research, you need to guide you to through your IVF journey.


"If you are investing in IVF to start or continue your family, then Hannah's wisdom is essential to tune into. Simple things you can do to assist your body to conceive and nurture you through pregnancy and growing a health bubba. 
Hannah is an absolute gem and her words are worth immersing yourself in. She's helped hundreds of women in clinic, and her online offerings are a wonderful way to tune in at a time that suits you no matter where in the world you are. You will love working with Hannah"

Combining science and Chinese medicine principals

This is the knowledge, backed by the research, you need to guide you to through your IVF journey.
These seven tips were developed to guide you so that you can easily implement the dietary and lifestyle practices that have been shown to support you in the lead up to, and during IVF. 

These insights are established from scientific research that has been found to influence IVF outcomes. These findings are integrated with the principals of Chinese medicine and help you to understand how and why these are so key for you to use. 

These tips are easy, approachable and can help you to shape your lifestyle in a more conscious way. In Your Seven Insights For IVF Success, we delve into the research behind diet, conscious skin care and even guide you through your at home acupressure treatment. 
Dr. Hannah Watson, BHSc Ac. CHM
Hannah Watson is the director and founder of Acupuncture Wellness Co. 

She has dedicated her career to women's health, offering acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine to support women trying to achieve greater health, and trying to conceive. 

Hannah intertwines western scientific research into her treatments and thrives on educating her clients how the treatment benefits their health, and what their bodies are communicating. She places a strong emphasis on the power the emotions play in health, which is reflected in Chinese Medicine. 

Hannah continues her Master's of Women's Health as well as practicing from her thriving clinic in Geelong. Hannah's passion for health and wellness is iridescent. 
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